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Nokia set to launch phones with amazing cameras

HMD Global, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer behind the Nokia-branded devices, has acquired the rights to use the PureView trademark, according to a report by technology portal GSMArena, which has cited a listing of the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This could mean that the Finnish company might be working on a camera-centric flagship smartphone that could resurrect Nokia’s PureView series.

In retrospect, the PureView was once a trademark of Nokia’s camera-centric smartphones. In 2012, the Finnish company introduced the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone with a mammoth 41-megapixel primary camera, coupled with several industry first camera-centric features such as optical image stabilisation, ND filter, mechanical shutter, bright Xenon flash and ability to save photos in RAW format. These features revolutionised the smartphone industry and marked the beginning of camera-centric smartphones. This was followed by other smartphone brands such as Samsung, Sony and HTC.

With the high photography focus of current smartphones, the move could be vital for Nokia as it mounts a comeback, we could see a PureView phone soon. The news was noted by Nokiamob after it was reported to the European IP office (EUIPO). During its lifespan, Nokia unveiled roughly 10 smartphones with the PureView branding in some form or the other. The first of these was the 808 PureView, one of the last Symbian phones that Nokia released, coming with an incredible 41 MP rear camera, and features like HDMI and on-the-go video editing.

The Nokia 808 PureView remained the best camera smartphone for several years after its launch. However, marred by a declining market share, given Nokia’s dependency on an obsolete operating system when compared with Android and iOS, the company sold off the smartphone business to Microsoft. In 2013, Microsoft also resurrected the PureView trademark with the launch of the Nokia 1020. This phone also featured a 41MP primary camera, along with OIS and Xenon flash, and ran on Microsoft Windows Phone-based operating system. This operating system lacked application support, which led to the sluggish demand for the otherwise capable camera-centric smartphone.

Now, it is to be seen if HMD Global could resurrect the lost glory of the PureView trademark with the launch of a camera-centric Nokia-branded smartphone that the original Nokia and Microsoft could not.

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