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“Nike has always been about iconic athletes,” says ‘Nike’ after Tiger Woods big win!

Bet on Woods is clearly paying off for Nike now.

The value of Tiger Woods’ Sunday victory at the 2019 Masters for Nike is roughly $22,540,000, according to Apex Marketing.

Shortly after Woods was declared the winner, Nike dropped a video on its social media channels starring the golfer.

By Sunday afternoon, some of the Tiger Woods-branded apparel and accessories for men on Nike’s website were sold out.

Tiger Woods on Sunday achieved his 15th major win, and his fifth Masters, at the 2019 Masters, following a drought of championship victories that lasted more than a decade.
‘Woods’ apparel and accessories outfitter on the green, Nike, wins big.

The value of ‘tiger Wood’s Sunday victory for Nike is roughly $22,540,000, according to Apex Marketing.

“Nike has always been about iconic athletes,” Allen Adamson, brand expert and co-founder of marketing solutions business Metaforce, said. “Consumers want to know not only what you make but what you stand for. It’s not just talking about how fast you can make sneakers … The best brands need to think about the long term.”

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