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Along with the new year, comes another delay for the new Islamabad airport

The New Islamabad Airport, which should finish its introduction procedure a month ago, has been deferred once more with another March 2018 due date. As 2017 has formally finished, so has the past due date for December 2017.

An authority said that the National Highway Authority (NHA) has set a deadline of March 2018 to finish any incomplete development work, in any case, there’s as yet a decent possibility that it will get postponed further.

As per the authority, the related specialists and common governments as of now have their “hands full” as they are occupied with political issues and shielding their statuses. Other than the normal political tirade, the authority included that the overwhelming July-August rains likewise postponed the development work of streets for the air terminal.

Because of the consolidated inadequacy of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the additional idiocy of the NHA, the new due date of March 2018 is likewise prone to pass on the grounds that the street systems have been foolish.

To help the air terminal’s water supply, two new dams named Rama and Kassana are being constructed. The Rama Dam is near consummation and the Kassana Dam’s development is at present in progress. The air terminal, be that as it may, has been accounted for to wind up noticeably operational in 2018’s opening quarter.

Kashif Zaman, a NHA representative, told columnists that the airplane terminal’s frontage roads from the GT Road Interchange and Talian Road will be operational in the start of the new year. The zone between Peshawar Mor to GT Road and the particular stations are accounted for to be practical from March this year.

As of late, it was declared that the Metro Bus augmentation venture had likewise been postponed to March 2018.

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