Nestle's one-of-a-kind to promote its products
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Nestle’s one-of-a-kind idea to promote its products

Advertising of a product is the most important thing for any brand. Since Billboards are taken down, the brands are now looking for other platforms to promote their products.

That’s when Nestle came up with this creative idea of promoting their product in a unique way.

They chose Do Darya to grab everyone’s attention. Since the restaurants open after 6:30 pm, it gets dark there and seeing a brand pop up from the sea, couldn’t stop people from noticing. People who visited restaurants like, Kolachi, Charcoal, Miraj etc actually saw Nestle’s floating boat all shining and reflecting through the sea.

One of the guest who went to have dinner in Kolachi shared what he saw and experienced:

Dinning at Kolachi last night, a shimmer reflecting in my specs grabbed the attention, and this little float just went sailing by, and went on to n fro through the entire do darya food street… heavy games to nestle, its everywhere.

Nestle's one-of-a-kind to promote its products

This was a great and creative move by Nestle. This proves that billboards being removed from all over Karachi couldn’t stop a brand from promoting their products. After all its all about idea and creativity.

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