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National foods limited launches Humqadam program to empower their female employees

National Foods Limited, one of the leading food companies headquartered in Karachi, has launched an internal mentorship program – Humqadam, exclusively for the female employees of the company.

This program will provide their female employees a platform to highlight their concerns and suggestions in front of the company’s female board of directors who will ultimately use that constructive grass-root level feedback in policy making.

The CEO at National Foods Limited – Abrar Hasan further elaborating the importance of this program said, “With the launch of this commendable program, our female employees will have a platform to connect and cite their concerns with the female members of our Board of Directors; Ms. Saadia Naveed and Ms. Noreen Hasan. Since the mentors have a place on the Board and eventually in policy making, the recommendations, suggestions and concerns will be heard without any filters. The mentors will practically assist the female employees at National Foods Limited in breaking the glass ceiling, articulating their career ambitions and building a strong network.”

He also shared that Humqadam is a part of the larger effort by National Foods Limited to generally empower women in Pakistan and in particular their own female workforce. Humqadam is one of those many sustainable initiatives which foster gender parity and employee development at work.

National Foods Limited has achieved a milestone in promoting sustainable growth initiatives which serve

the UN’s 5th Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality.

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