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Mövenpick Coffee is coming soon to Pakistan

Jofa Group is a name that needs no introduction, pertaining from the man himself – Asim Jofa, it therefore attracts us with a solid ground of credibility and trust. Coming across a successful business  ordeal with ‘Asim Jofa’ as a designer brand and Mövenpick Ice cream, the man is set to bring that one winters love none of us can resist.

Asim Jofa begin like any other designer would, with a teaser that left us all in dire need of a cup a coffee.

“We will be launching most premium coffee by Mövenpick exclusively in Pakistan. Stay tuned for more details.
#Movenpick #JofaGroup #FineFoods #Coffee #yummylicious”

After gaining great response from friend and family on social media, he came about the next mouth watering clip of coffee that no one could ever say no to!

“Coffee is the language in itself!
Mövenpick coffee products being launched exclusively in Pakistan by Jofa Group!
Are you excited?
#Movenpick #JofaGroup #FineFoods #Coffee #love #winters”

Surely brining the best of all Brands to the nation and it’s people, the maestro is all set to introduce the best coffee that Mövenpick is known for across borders. Mövenpick Coffee is coming soon to Pakistan and we’re surely waiting for that first sip to drop down our throats, to taste the enriching cocoa beans and fall in love with coffee once more!

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