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Motorola’s new $1,500 Razr is not so great as it didn’t last long during the folding test!

Unfortunately, Motorola’s new $1,500 Razr suffered through CNET’s folding test, which is akin to brutal medieval torture, and the Razr’s hinge survived only 27,000 folds.

The $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold survived 120,000 folds and unfolds in CNET’s test three months earlier.

Does the folding test show that each phone’s hinge will last through only that many folds? Unlikely the machine, designed by SquareTrade that CNET uses to fold and unfold these phones is utterly brutal, far more brutal than how most people are likely to fold and unfold their devices, Business Insider reported.

Both the Galaxy Fold and the new Razr are more likely to survive a little longer in your comfy padded hands than in the machine’s cold hard metal and plastic. And if you unfold your phone with the same force as the machine, then maybe foldable smartphones aren’t for you.

According to Business Insider, it’s true that foldable smartphones have more points of failure with the hinge and folding screen than traditional slab-style smartphones. Plus, foldable smartphones are still brand new, and it’ll unsurprisingly take time to develop hinge and foldable-screen technology that’s durable enough for smartphones devices we use multiple times a day.

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