Motorola to officially enter Pakistani market
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Motorola to officially enter Pakistani market

According to the sources, Motorola plans to officially enter into Pakistan. While the final lineup of launching the smartphones locally is not yet decided, the current generation flagship device is expected to be among the debut devices.

We are not sure about the timeline, it is being said that Motorola has huge plans for Pakistani market around February.

For now, Motorola has no existence in Pakistan in any form, whether re-sellers or distribution channels, so this is going to mark Motorola’s official re-entry in Pakistan.

Regardless of becoming a niche among the masses, the brand still has more recognition than smaller brands in the market. They were famous for their RAZR slide phones, which were status symbols in Pakistan back in the days, Motorola has now been relegated to used marketplaces.

Motorola now has a clear vision of what it wants to do and Pakistan is in the road-map.

With the company planning to launch in Pakistan, the competition is growing more than ever.

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