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Microsoft’s Surface laptop will leave you awe struck

The Surface Laptop as the name suggests is the first actual laptop directly from Microsoft, and it’s an absolute beauty, not only is this laptop 2.76 pounds light, but its also the perfect combination of hardware and software working together in harmony to give users the best experience possible.

This is the kind of laptop that you don’t need to cover up or protect it has great specs, an awesome keyboard that makes typing a pleasure and you can even lift it open with one finger without moving the whole thing.Taking the laptop out of the box, is a whole experience in itself, it screams premium, thanks to its metallic build that keeps it looking slick. Microsoft‘s engineers worked hard to keep screws out of sight and even the keyboard is covered in Alcantara faux suede. If you placed the laptop flat on a table, you’ll see what seems like a solid metal with a subtle mirrored Windows logo on top of it. Its keyboard finishing is also very useful in that when it’s cold, you can rest your palms without feeling icy and the Surface Laptop is super thin at less than 14.5 mm thick,  Under the keyboard, Microsoft has engineered the Surface Laptop speakers there without compromising sound quality. With the Surface Laptop’s Alcantara keyboard finishing, Microsoft said you can easily clean it without damaging it, although we didn’t test this out, I can imagine this is true, otherwise they would have a lot of returned devices in their hands.

Overall, the Surface Laptop design is a big improvement and you can see how far Microsoft has come when it comes to designing their own hardware. I’ve always liked the Surface Pro design and this left me in awe too

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