Microsoft welcomes unlock source, launches new SQL server to Linux
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Microsoft welcomes unlock source, launches new SQL server to Linux

The new version of SQL is now in public and is available on Windows and Linux. For the first time SQL has supported Linux.

According to Microsoft’s announcement on their official blog post, “SQL Server enables developers and organizations to build intelligent applications with industry-leading performance and security technologies using their preferred language and environment. With the next release of SQL Server, you can develop applications with SQL Server on Linux, Windows, Docker, or macOS (via Docker) and then deploy to Linux, Windows, or Docker, on-premises or in the cloud.”

The original features of SQL server are available on Windows, in-memory online transaction processing, in memory column stores, Transparent Data Encryption, Always Encrypted and Low Level Security.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also declared that it is officially linking with Linux Foundation as a Platinum member.

The Redmond based company is becoming a supporter of open sourcing and will be dedicating to accept community feedback and community contributions. Visual Studio for example went open source a year ago with .Net.

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