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“McDonald’s Go”: A New Store Format Opening in London!

After its presence in the UK market for nearly 45 years, McDonald’s is celebrating its anniversary in UK by introducing a new store format “McDonald Go” offering only take away service.

The store is opening on a trial basis in London’s Fleet Street. It’s introducing a new format since its inception of drive through which was launched in the 1980s.

The whole idea behind this new store format is to provide quick service, from a limited menu, which includes Mcnuggets, wraps, and BigMac. Later this year they also plan to launch salads.

McDonald’s senior vice president for IT Development, UK, stated that people are looking for something quick to grab on the go, it makes sense to test a smaller format – no seating and takeaway only with a reduced menu will allow us to focus on speed of service. However, the next McDonald’s to go could look very different. McDonalds Go will be branded on the store and name will also appear on staff uniform.

He also added that it’s all about exploring new ideas and diversifying into new avenues.

This new format provides a different experience for customers coming to McDonald’s, by reducing time span for the order and making it much simpler and easier.


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