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Manchester United has launched a campaign on world mental health, find out more here!

One of the most iconic football clubs, Manchester United has launched Ignored, a new campaign to raise awareness of the importance of talking about mental health.

Centered on a poignant film featuring words of encouragement from members of the men’s and women’s teams, the campaign recognizes that people with mental health issues can often feel ignored and left to suffer in silence, The Drum reported.

It also urges the club’s fans and viewers to think about the impact of the language they use and consider how words such as “psycho” and “mad” can alienate those experiencing mental health problems.

According to The Drum, the club’s group managing director, Richard Arnol,d said: “Manchester United has a long-standing commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. As part of that commitment, we have a responsibility to raise awareness and tackle the important issues in society, such as mental health.

“Ignored” follows on from the club’s Hatred campaign last year which called out racism both on and off the pitch. It also dovetails with the nationwide ‘Heads Up’ mental health initiative and #allredallequal diversity drive.

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