Warning! New Malware has affected millions of Android devices
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Warning! New Malware has affected millions of Android devices

According to a report by leading website Check Point Security, a new Android malware FalseGuide has affected millions of Android phones and is in a process of affecting many.

The apps have started to be infected after the glitch found its way to easily accessible App Store under the developer names of “Sergek Vernik” and “Nikolai Zalupkin”.

This malware is capable of accessing sensitive information, root a phone and the infected app might not even delete after it has found its place in cell phone. Moreover, after it has gained the rights, malware can be used to display “illegitimate pop-up ads out of context”.

FalseGuide isn’t easy to detect, but Google Play Store has claimed that it has removed any sort of app that could be affected by this malware.

As for now, this malware has been noticed in about 49 Android apps, which have been downloaded by as many as 1.8 million Android users in 5 or so months.

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