Hello Moto! Lenovo to use Motorola branding once again
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Hello Moto! Lenovo to use Motorola branding once again

Lenovo acquired Motorola from Google back in 2014, and re-branded its foundations to “Moto By Lenovo”. Now again, the once mighty smartphone giant has decided to work by the name of Motorola again. This means that all Lenovo devices will again go by the name of Motorola.

The president of Lenovo has stated that the reason behind switching again to the one-name-policy is to provide clarity on how we present ourselves.

Jan Huckfeldt, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Motorola during his keynote presentation at MWC said:

“We had in the past said that we would no longer use the brand, we see this very differently now, ultimately it is a brand that lives in the hearts and minds of the consumer, what lives in them is Motorola, when they think of the smartphone brand they think of Motorola, it would be foolish to dismantle that.

“We will build on it, like in the heydays, some ten years ago, with the Razr, there were many executions were you see the branding and Razr, Motorola was not mentioned but everyone was thinking Motorola.”

When it comes to the comparison of fame between two, Motorola has more market name and value than Lenovo, which is still struggling to establish its full-fledged name. Thus, it will be a wise decision to re-brand the company to Motorola in entirety.

The company is also planning to introduce, or re-introduce, the Motorola name in more countries as well.

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