This late night Uber ride turned out to be a near death experience for him
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This late night Uber ride turned out to be a near death experience for him

Uber rides have taken over the world of public transport by storm, from college students to professional, everyone has got themselves a ride in Uber. However, with all the positivity set aside, there have many reports of rash driving, rude drivers, and other extreme cases, but what we have found today is little more disturbing to say the least.

Zahhra Hasmi’s fiance, who rarely opts for these cab services called an Uber at around 11 pm, and to his surprise he was met by an armed man, hiding in the back seat and putting a gun to his head.

Upon being forced to ride along, the driver drove him off to the other end of the highway, taking all his money and phone. They also threatened to shoot him and throw his body off the car if he tried to do anything wrong and against them.

According to Zahhra, her fiance was kept hostage for over 4 hours, till 4 am without even giving him a single glass of water. And finally at 4 am, they threw him out of the car with no way of contacting anyone or getting help.

He walked for about 40 minutes, till he finally got a cab and reached home.

You can read Zahhra’s entire post here:

uber ride to near death

This incident is not only alarming for you and me, but incredibly scary as well. So many of us use the service, and yes, we blindly trust it with our security and lives. It’s a haunting thought to have this happen to someone you know.

Apparently, Zahhra has taken down her post from Facebook claiming that she doesn’t have the time ‘to reply to the idiots that were commenting every two seconds’. 

It is sad to see how people took her post for granted and instead of paying their sympathies, took the u-turn and commented whatsoever bullshit they could. She also said she does not feel the need to prove herself to the many people commenting on her post.

Zahhra said that they tried to contact Uber helpline and to their surprise, the most they were willing to do was give her the name and number of the driver, which they still haven’t given her.

Is this the security we look towards while booking these cab services? Stay safe, think again and tell us what you have to say.

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