Your Kid's Toys That "Talk" Could Be Spying on Your Family
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Your Kid’s Toys That “Talk” Could Be Spying on Your Family

You probably don’t pay attention to the things your kid says to their toys, but you might want to start listening. Certain “smart toys” that talk and respond to voice commands could also be recording voice data without consent.

According to a coalition of consumer-interest organization, the internet-connected talking toy you buy for your kids might be putting your privacy at risk without your knowledge.

Researchers discovered earlier this year that the Fisher-Price Smart Toy, a plush little teddy bear that can hold conversations with children, could leak parents’ and kids’ data. It’s not just one many toys are connected to the internet, we just have to ensure that children’s privacy and security are protected.

If your kid is already attached to their talking toy, just make sure they aren’t sharing any personal information. Anything that would be off-limits to tell a stranger should also apparently be kept from the toys.

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