Khaadi makes fashion blunder of the year in online sale
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Khaadi makes fashion blunder in online sale

Online sales are always a treat for women, young and old, especially when it comes to branded and renowned fashion outlets. Not many to name, but Khaadi seems to be outdoing itself in every little detail, and by every little detail I mean “EVERY LITTLE DETAIL”!!!

It seems as though Khaadi forgot to accessorize its models with one of the most important part of the attire. If you don’t believe us then see it for yourself.

Khaadi makes fashion blunder of the year in online sale

Khaadi makes fashion blunder of the year in online sale

Khaadi Official – Sale Online

If you still couldn’t figure out the fashion blunder then let me explain it to you. Apparently, the models seem to be wearing nothing but ‘KURTIS’ and might I say that this is definitely not our fashion culture.

Even though, there are pictures showcasing a complete apparel, but there are others that are seen to be inappropriately sprayed with black colour in order to cover the legs. And unfortunately, Khaadi just seemed to miss out on one completely. Shame!

Being one of the leading textile brands in Pakistan, this is not for the first time in 2016 that Khaadi took a wrong turn.

Khaadi playing with its customer loyalty

Whatever the reason may be behind these unusual branding mishaps by the textile outlet, we hope that it may understand the importance of its customers’ expectations whether physically or mentally.

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