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Justice served: Khadija siddique’s attacker shah hussain has been convicted and sent to jail for 7 years!

Khadija Siddiqui, a law student, was attacked by her class fellow, Shah Husain, on May 3, 2016, near Shimla Hill where she along with her driver had gone to pick her younger sister from school. Both sisters were about to get into their car when helmet-wearing suspect attacked Khadija with a knife and stabbed her 23 times leaving her critically injured. Kadhija Siddique, a case that created hype got attention for few days and was vanished away? Screaming for justice, a will to jail that criminal so that a women will be able to tell a man right to his face that he shall be punished and there will be ‘No Exit’ for him on earth and beyond.After this incident everyone lost hope but not KHADIJA she stood up, fought for her rights, she knew she is going to do it and will do it no matter what. While everyone on social media showed support love and care but was that all enough for her to what she wanted? She knew she has to do it all alone and ‘SHE DID IT!’ Shout to this girl who chose to stand for justice rather than staying quite as per society norms!

JUSTICE SERVED: Khadija Siddique’s attacker Shah hussain has been convicted and sent to jail for 7 years! justice has prevailed! Long fought battle has come to an end! YES!!
Hussain was arrested from the court room. Hassan Niazi lawyer of Khadija said that he was thankful to the Chief Justice of Lahore High Court and the media.
She stated that the society is heading towards a wayward direction due to lies.
‘I am thankful that the case reached its logical conclusion,’ she said.

As put by Khadija, ‘justice should be served, not because I suffered or shed blood, but because tomorrow it could be any one’s daughter. And that time around, a miraculous survival just might not happen.’

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