JAZZ to revive regular taxis by launching its own ride-hailing service mLift
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JAZZ to revive regular taxis by launching its own ride-hailing service mLift

The largest telecommunication company in Pakistan – JAZZ is stepping up its game with now offering a completely new service to its customers. As per the confirmed sources, Jazz is also set to introduce its very own ride-hailing service – mLift.

Jazz will connect drivers with riders through mLift via voice call or IVR and that too without any internet requirement. This means that this service will be workable for all those who do not use internet all the time.

What’s more is that mLift aims to eliminate the threat that Careem and Uber has posed on the regular taxi and yellow cabs drivers. These drivers were facing a loss in business with the boom in Uber and Careem.

With the help of mLift, normal taxi drivers will be able to connect with riders on phone. Thus, coming into a face to face competition with Uber and Careem once again. It will utilize the already diminishing transport structure and will further expand it around the country. The drivers won’t have to invest in lavish cars, as all they will rely on will be their previous taxis. All mLift drivers will need would be a car and a public-service license. They would be verified through phone numbers and thumb impressions.

mLift will be launching in twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad at first. They already have hundreds of drivers on-board for the inaugural of this new initiative, but the service will soon expand in other parts of the country. Moreover, currently it is restricted to Jazz customers only, but with the proper launch it will expand to other telecommunication networks too.

Here is how mLift works:

    • Rider will dial 7555
    • A driver from vicinity will be connected to rider over phone, based on riders’ location
    • Both rider and driver will negotiate the trip price on call
    • Driver will confirm the price and ride
    • Rider will pay the driver in cash at the end of the trip.

Here is a complete video presentation of the app:

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