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Jazz Launches First SDN in Pakistan

Jazz has said that it has become country’s first organization to deploy Software Defined Networking (SDN) on its fixed & LDI network.

This state-of-the-art upgrade shall allow the company to improve its service creation, performance and efficiency.

This SDN will enable Jazz to move from current manual node-level working on IP routers to a fully automated E2E dynamic adjustments in capacity, priority, routing, resilience and maintenance related shutdowns.

This new SDN brain will accomplish all of this efficiently through an end-to-end high-level visibility created by connecting it to all individual routers.

Speaking about the SDN deployment, Khalid Shahzad, CTO – Jazz, said, “Digital transformation is forcing companies to be agile and move with speed, and the network needs to be equally agile and fast. Understanding this, Jazz decided to deploy SDN across its fixed & LDI network to ensure expected growth in traffic flows are managed seamlessly, while new services become easier to deploy.”

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