People think that this is the most irresponsible advert & we couldn't agree more...
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People think that this is the most irresponsible advert & we couldn’t agree more…

Can you spot what’s wrong with the advert above? In case you didn’t, let me tell you; Fiverr has made a mistake of the century. And most of you won’t know what Fiverr is, so let me explain it to you again. Fiverr is a portal which offers people a chance to bid their services to be used by the potential buyers for their work, including; website building, graphic designing, copy-writing, proof-reading and a lot more. The bidding price nominally starts at £5.

Though Fiverr is used in Pakistan too, it is most popular among other countries including the States. This is why the website keeps on advertising, and someone spotted its recent ad in a subway station and shared it bashing on Twitter:

“You eat a coffee for lunch. You follow through on your follow through. Sleep deprivation is your drug of choice. You might be a doer.” 

It’s signed off as “in doers we trust”. 

Let’s start with what’s wrong with this advert:

  • First of all, if you try and “eat coffee,” you couldn’t suffice that torture. On the other hand, even if you had the privilege to eat it, that would be a time to just lie down and forget what Fiverr is actually about.
  • Second and the most important, sleep deprivation on the stake of work; is that justified? Is that justified to promote working long and sleepless hours, just for the sake of ‘doing it’. Fiverr basically was designed to help people freelance and earn in sideline, however it is promoting its work on the basis of other people’s health. We can’t understand this!
  • Finally – the most important – this advert in itself is a testament of capitalism gone too far. If there was ever a sign of gauging & defining capitalism on practical levels, good news! Here it is…

Here are some of the tweets, that the people in America have hurled along the Fiverr’s way:

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