iPhone users can now send messages in WhatsApp without internet
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iPhone users can now send messages on WhatsApp without internet

iPhone users have received a WhatsApp update, introducing new features for users. One of them includes the increasing limit of WhatsApp photo and video sharing limit to 30 at one go, a redesigned and more useful Storage Usage screen, and the ability to line up messages. This specific feature was available on Android for quite some time now.

The latest WhatsApp version 2.17.1 is now available for download to all iPhone users (running iOS 7 or higher). The WhatsApp update size is 91.2MB and it is recommended to update under a strong Wi-Fi connection and good battery life.

iPhone users can now send messages in WhatsApp without internet

Now you can line up messages even when in areas of poor or no connectivity. You can just send a WhatsApp message to a group/individual even when connectivity is unavailable, and the message will be sent automatically once you get connectivity on your iPhone.

Previously, WhatsApp had a limitation of sharing only 10 photos or videos but this update increases the ability to 30.

WhatsApp’s Storage Usage screen is a handy tool to see which individual/group chat is having the most storage space, and to delete the content of that chat in order to make room during storage limitation. Earlier, the Storage Usage screen only let you see the WhatsApp groups/ chat that used up most space, and then you had to go back to the chat window to clear specific chats. But now, it lets you clear messages right from the Storage Usage screen itself.

Furthermore, WhatsApp now lets you choose message types, like videos, text, images, GIFs, voice messages etc from specific chats, to delete exactly what you want and keep the rest. To use this feature, go to Settings -> Data and Storage Usage -> on your iPhone and clear all the unwanted space-hoarding files easily.

WhatsApp is also working on bringing the capability to allow users to cancel or edit messages that have already been sent to other contacts. The feature is available in WhatsApp’s iPhone beta version and is said to be disabled by default, which means that you will have to turn it on manually.

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