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iPhone bugs lets people watch you without your consent

Technology can be a blessing in disguise at times and other times it can simply be an intrusive mess.

The latest is that according to 9to5Mac, an instance has come to light where a bug lets people call anyone on FaceTime, and watch them even if that person hasn’t picked up the call.

As a solution users are disabling FaceTime in iOS settings, until further notice.

Apple has identified the issue and will be fixing it through a software update later in the week.

People are feeling shaken with disbelief and paranoia is taking over as iPhone users are convinced they are being eavesdropped on.

People are going into the settings and turning off FaceTime to avoid any privacy breach.

In addition to that, if a person presses the Power button (to ignore the call), their video will be sent to the caller anyway.

People are convinced they already knew this was going to be technology’s fate.

Others are taking up the problem on a lighter note.

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