iPhone 7 catches fire
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iPhone 7 catches fire

The news about phones catching fire comes up all the time. Specifying the recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7; the company made headlines with its faulty battery that put the device at risk of catching fire. However, the news we just came through has caught us by a bigger surprise than that given by Samsung.

Apparently according to Reddit, a post was updated of an iPhone that had been claimed to catch fire during its delivery as it had been received burnt by the owner. The phone was delivered in a burnt condition, in fact, with a mere damage to the box.

“Something happened between the factory and delivery,” Redditor KrooptheSnoop said.

iPhone 7 catches fire claims owner

This post definitely raises questions towards the credibility of the news. One can never be too sure about the legitimacy of such posts. How can a phone catch fire and the box stays intact with hardly any damage? Not sure I buy it.

Lets see that if this news leads to another company recalling one of its finest launch, however, I doubt anything like that would happen. But then again, I did have the same feeling when the first Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire.

Source: REDDIT

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