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Instagram & Facebook down: Global users are reporting outages on the social apps

For anyone looking to take a pause from work and scroll their Instagram and Facebook accounts, then we have some bad news: the social apps are said to be down across the globe.

According to the website DownDetector, the problems started around 4pm (GMT) and appears to be affecting pretty much everyone, everywhere!

Instagram users in Indonesia, Toronto, and India are reporting having issues with the platform. In fact, around 54 per cent of people are reporting issues with the news feed, whilst others they can’t log in or access the websites.

Over on Facebook, the problems appear to have started around 4pm (GMT) too. Users have reported they are experiencing a total blackout on the site, whilst others are saying there are issues with the newsfeed and log in process.

WhatsApp is the other social platform that Facebook owns, but and it seems as though there may be slight issues in sharing content there too. Nonetheless, there’s no word yet from Facebook as to why the outages are occurring.

Let’s wait when the outage is controlled and brings our daily social media apps back up for use.

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