Huawei is becoming more popular than Samsung & Apple - Study
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Huawei is becoming more popular than Samsung & Apple – Study

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is getting popular day by day, in fact more than Samsung and even Apple in terms of market share, revealed Gartner Analyst Annette Zimmermann

“Chinese makers succeeded in winning market share over last year and Huawei now seems to be the main rival to the two giants, even if the gap remains large,” Gartner told AFP.

As far as the sales are concerned, Huawei’s figures escalated by 26.7 percent while the big brands Samsung and Apple sales sloshed in numbers by 4.3 percent approximately.

“We´re seeing a very real progression compared with earlier years, when the number three maker and the others had struggled to hold on to a market share of more than four percent,” Zimmermann said.

“Huawei looks likely to strengthen its position again this year,” he further added.

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