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How to deal with mood-hoovers

Have you ever cross by someone who made you doubt about everything you want to, your path, your direction and makes you understand the right thing which indicates that whatever you do is wrong,  They are the “positivity sponges,” sucking up your optimism. But what if I told you that you can stay true to your vision and stay on course, no matter how many “doubters” you encounter?

Mood Hoovers:
We all know the critics we all are living in a complex society and people are born to judge. Often, it’s our own self-doubt that holds us back, the worrying what other people think. We wonder what our friends, family, followers, and influencers see when they look at us. Is it helpful or hurtful to our reputations? o matter how perfect you are, there are just some people you can’t please. Yet there are others who appreciate you just the way you are, with all of your “imperfections”. But in the end, perfection is in the eyes of the beholder.

Loathing Wicked:
The other sign of inducting the judge is a person who hates, “Hating” can be an inside job, too. Does hater spend most of their times in checking what’s up to you? whats happening – they spy as well. spends an inordinate amount of time following your every move when trying something different. He sits on the sidelines, heckling, yet raptly paying attention. Be careful don’t mock to such people, don’t accept such behaviors, if you do once – they will get a link to your activity and then to your brain. Shift your focus from tiptoeing around haters to focus on your gifts and worth that you contribute to the world. Appreciate the feedback and view comments as just that, feedback, and nothing more. Some you should ignore and some should be used as improvement opportunities, but at the end of the day, it is just someone’s opinion.

The Competitor:
Ah, the competitor. It can feel like they’re everywhere. When it comes to competitors, your behavior and response need to be different than to critics and haters. By failing to meet competition with grace, you may find yourself turning into a critic or a hater, which does no good for anyone. Follow your competitors to learn from them, but make sure your intention is to run your own race towards your own personal vision, not merely to “keep up ignoring the negative peril”

There are 8 ways to deal with them: 
1: Keep a distance
2: Hold on to your joy
3: Beware of your emotions in front of them
4: Set limits to them
5: Don’t take it personally
6: Find your support system
7: Confront with positivity
8: Focus on solutions

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