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How Nike Has Done A Brilliant Job In Its New Campaign. Find Out Here!

One of the biggest sports company Nike is known for its brand personality. They have a certain value to their brand name. I have always believed that advertisements should be relatable and should inspire people.

The creative work done by the agency spotlights both the pro athletes and cultural influencers that have helped create USA state, Chicago love for sport culture: think legends such as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippin, and the Bears, as well as everyday athletes and community ambassadors that are using sport to better the city and inspire a new generation of athletes.

As reported by The Drum, the anthem film features a hardened Chicago manager at Frank’s Grill in Chicago yelling into the store microphone to get one “Chicago style”. As another employee starts making the signature Chicago dog, the man sings in a rap form related to the features that make Chicago sports great, including pictures of Jordan and the Bulls, the Bears, the White Sox, and Cubs, plus Chicago native Anthony Davis, and a slate of local athletes.

The Campaign reported, the brand new campaign features three local athlete stories that launched on social and showcase how they can “be what Chicago is famous for,” inspire their community and embody Chicago-style in their own unique ways.

This was done in different forms, from streets to theatre to food shops. Nike Chicago created a physical manifestation of the campaign called Nike’s World Famous Chicago Style – a dinner with plenty of Chicago attitude.

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