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How brands have shown solidarity with the George Floyd!

Over the past few days, Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, and L’Oreal are among some of the corporates that have taken a stand on racial injustice and police violence following on from the death of George Floyd. As protests about the brutality faced by black individuals and communities continue to intensify across the US, the Drum reported.

For six days straight, the country has erupted in protest with no end in sight. With many citizens physically retaliating against institutional racism, the response from brands has been largely tepid with most hesitant to enter into what they perceive as political territory.

Some advertisers were quick to react, however, taking much more public stances on racial injustice and police violence than previously. But are these displays of solidarity means and what actions beyond mere words of support, should advertisers are taking if they want to enact positive change.

According to The Drum, Not one to shy away from standing up to racism, Nike’s Dream Crazy advert featuring American Football player Colin Kaepernick set a precedent for brands. True to form, over the weekend Nike delivered ‘For once, don’t do it’. A powerful play on its iconic tagline, the film urged people to not turn their backs on racism.

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