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How brands are creating purpose in these times, find out here!

Until last week advertisers, usually, the first to react and engage with newsworthy topics had very much been steering clear of aligning themselves the crisis, despite the clear social good (and potential financial) incentives.

Though they initially kept their hands clean, brands are now being forced to act, with companies from Pret to Brewdog, Alibaba to Facebook using their clout to do good. But are they doing it from the goodness of their hearts? Does it matter?

A starting point for many advertisers has been extended a helping han to NHS staff on the front line working day and night to treat and protect those at risk. Chains like Leon, Subway, Pret a Manger and Nandos are among those offering discounts on food or free coffee for medical workers burning the midnight oil.

And to add a bit of luxury to the continuous cycle of hand washing that NHS workers are undertaking, skincare brand L’Occitane has been sending hand creams to hospitals to help soothe their hands. Further, it has promised for as long as stores remain open, they invite any NHS worker to come and pick up a 30ml hand cream.

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