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Honda develops engine noise-mimicking toy to soothe fussy babies

One tried and tested method for parents of fussy babies to put their kids to sleep is to take them for a car ride. But not everyone is up for the effort and expense of multiple rides around the neighbourhood to lull their tot to sleep. Enter Honda.

Honda — yes the car company — developed a new gadget, the Sound Sitter, to bring the car noises to the baby. The company tried out the sounds of 37 different car engines before settling on the sound of the NSX engine as the most effective when it comes to soothing babies.

When researchers tested it out on babies between the ages of six months and 1.5 years, 11 out of 12 seemed to experience comfort while seven showed reduced heart rates.

Honda says this is because the low frequencies of the engine sounds are similar to what babies hear in the womb.

The product is packaged as a red car-shaped soft toy. The company doesn’t plan on producing these toys for the public but it has made the sounds of three engines available on its website (scroll all the way to the bottom) and held an event in Japan where it invited parents to come test the toys out.

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