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Honda Civic 2016 betrays customers with huge defects!

So finally when Honda Civic 2016 made its appearance in all showrooms, it surely built its bar but had some questions risen equally. It is no doubt that Honda Civic 2016 was long being awaited, furthermore with Honda Atlas started booking the 2016 Civic back in the first week of June, the customers started booking non-stop eager to get hands on the first arrival as soon as possible!

Since the booking process started without a reveal of the car itself or of a specification sheet which outlined the equipment it will come installed with, all we knew was that its with a “tentative pricing,” which wan announced a week after pre-booking started with an advance 50% payment booking option initially.

This lack of information, in fact, zero information, lead to a sense of total unpredictability around the Honda Civic 2016 model, this meant, dealerships were to make guesses regarding Civic’s features to claim bookings which meant misleading the public. Now as final pricing and spec sheets have been officially released by Honda Atlas, we know the extent of the false information which was circulated by dealers.




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