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Here’s all you need to know about WhatsApp Business app

People are now getting smart while using social media. There was a time when Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media pages were used to stay connected with friends and family but now it’s mostly used to connect with your business partners and to expand your business more! There was a time when only Facebook was earning but now people are also earning through Facebook.

Similarly, WhatsApp has now decided to launch their Business app which will help entrepreneurs to stay connected with each other. It is quite similar to a Facebook page, where the businessmen will be conducting their business, will connect with their customers and establish an official presence on WhatsApp.

In 2017, the organization reported that it will launch this application, and the strategy of confirming organizations as a major aspect of its WhatsApp Business Pilot Program had just begun, and once confirmed, they would get a green checkmark as an indication of them being the original company.

Setting up a record on this application is as simple as making a record on WhatsApp. You simply need to put in your business depiction, business subtle elements, email address and site.


These records will be recorded as “Business Accounts” and afterward will be changed to “Affirmed Accounts” after the social medium checks the record telephone number it enrolled with matches the business telephone number.

Once enlisted with this application, the business visionary will have the capacity to utilize various apparatuses being given by the application, similar to savvy informing, an element like that you find on Facebook. For example, the application offers “speedy answers” that gives quick solutions to clients’ as often as possible made inquiries; “welcoming messages” acquainting clients with the business; and “away messages,” that let the clients know you are occupied.

Business can get to this application through work area by means of WhatsApp Web. They can keep a tally of got, read, conveyed and sent messages. They can likewise square, report, and stamp numbers and organizations as spam.

Amid the last quarter of 2017, WhatsApp stated:

“The Business app will be joined by an enterprise solution aiming at large businesses with a global customer base – such as airlines, e-commerce sites and banks.”

The WhatsApp Business is currently accessible as a free download on Google Play in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the U.K. also, the U.S.

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