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Here’s how you can get WhatsApp dark mode

WhatsApp is adding a major new update to Whatsapp Web that will allow you to have a dark mode in the browser version. The new update is also bringing animated stickers and QR codes making it quicker and easier to share WhatsApp profiles.

WhatsApp has been limited to very basic stickers ever since the feature was first introduced. However, people will now be able to share animated stickers similar to Telegram and WeChat, finally. These will be available in stickers packs within the app just like Telegram.

QR Codes are being added with the new update as well. This will allow everyone to scan someone’s code and add them as a contact directly without having to manually add their phone number. This feature is already available in other Facebook services, it is only being added to WhatsApp now.

Group video calls will receive a minor improvement as well. While video calling, you will now be able to expand a participant’s video by simply tapping on it. The app will also allow you to start a group video call with a single tap if the group has 8 or fewer members. This is because WhatsApp only allows a maximum of 8 participants for video calls.

Here are all the upcoming features:

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