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Here’s how you can mute an Instagram account without unfollowing

Instagram has been revealing a ton of new updates as of late. The most up to date one presently enables you to mute an account, without unfollowing it.

The feature prevents posts from the person whose account is muted to appear in your news feed. This feature will be rolling out this coming week and it comes handy.

To mute an account, you simply need to tap on the menu bar, set at the upper right corner of a users account. The menu will display options to mute posts, stories as well. When you hit select, the particular account’s posts will never show up again in your news feed. They additionally won’t be alarmed that you have muted them. In any case, if the muted user labels you in a post or remark, Instagram will inform you.

Simply this month, Instagram has declared to reveal a few highlights to improve the user experience of the application. Firstly, they presented increased reality and video call highlights like Snapchat and afterward presented Instagram Payments for in-application shopping. They are additionally attempting to upgrade the experience of Instagram stories with the option of music and an emoticon slider. Presently, the application additionally permits sharing of user posts to story.

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