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Hemani launches its latest fragrance collection – ‘Pride of Pakistan’

WB by Hemani has officially launched its latest fragrance collection Pride of Pakistan spreading its soulful and patriotic feels across the digital world, honoring the 5 major cities of Pakistan. The collection comes with five initial fragrances endorsing the odour of the beautiful cities of our motherland.

The campaign has caught our eyes on social media as different celebrities come forth with their respective cities as we see Imran Abbas endorsing Islamabad, Ahmed Ali Butt voicing the pleasing aroma of Lahore, Yasir Hussain supporting the soul of Karachi, Nadia Khan expressing her affection for Quetta and fashion designer & journalist Sara Gandapur cheering for her city  Peshawar.






With its one of a kind campaign, Hemani has surely won our hearts with its patriotic fragrance line, bringing an opportunity to celebrate this Independence Day with Pride of Pakistan. Showcasing the five major cities of Pakistan through its special aromas, these fragrances are carefully made to give you the scent that Pakistan brings to the table.

Hemani has propelled the most recent scope of scents through its ground-breaking social media campaign, giving a strong message of patriotism to the whole country especially in this time when we are facing much challenge from the rivals. Being a Pakistani, we ought to be pleased with every city and own these fragrances like our own – for they have a meaning to which we all stand by and that being Unity for Pakistan!

Nonetheless, the new range honoring the different cities of Pakistan are namely; Quixotic Quetta, Prestigious Peshawar, Kindled Karachi, Iconic Islamabad and Lovely Lahore. WB by Hemani’s target of this crusade is to unite the country by making them realize the need to unite this Independence Day, forgetting the racial difference that we have brought within us in the name of our caste, status and creed. It signifies to be proud and pleased for the land we live in as a nation.

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