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Governor of Punjab launches an online National Cyber Training Program

National Cyber Training is going to be launched in Pakistan, this training aims to offer cybersecurity information to 1 million people of the country.

This program plans to secure cyberspace in Pakistan and transforming Pakistan into a leading nation when it comes to secure online experience. Apart from that, via this training program, thousands of people would be able to get employment thus leading the country in a technologically prosperous dimension.

The program is intended to offer an advanced skill set for the cyberspace.

The trainee will be given information regarding the emerging and already in use technologies that can contribute to Pakistan’s defense, economy, and global progress effectively.

The training will be done online by the trainees and they will be taught about the practical tools and advanced tools used for observing the cybersecurity. Once you have learned the program. As per the professionals, anyone who completes the training with all its authenticity will be able to earn about $5000 a month from the international online marketplace.
The ceremony of this training was inaugurated by the Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar and the venue was governor house. The event was attended by FIA authorities, Cybersecurity experts, Members of various military-driven departments, and academic experts, etc.

The programs that are offered are:

  1. Pentest cyber program
  2. Secure coding cyber program
  3. Network defense and cyber operations
  4. Software engineering in 1 year

According to Punjab’s governor, this program is the biggest skill development program on the national level. People who participate in the program would be learning the technological advancements of the century.

With this training, the youth would not only get valuable job opportunities but they would also be able to start up their own business.

While addressing the event the governor of Punjab said: “our target is to train 1 million students in future technologies through NCTP Programme where they would get job and business opportunities after getting skill-based training.”

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