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Google and LG Display have made the highest resolution VR screen yet

Google and LG Display have joined forces to design the clearest OLED display to date. The 4.3-inch screen, which Google recently revealed at Display Week, is designed to push the boundaries of VR image quality with an incredible 1,443 ppi resolution.

The display offers an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, which is also a step up from the 90Hz achieved on Oculus Rift and Vive Pro. Measuring in at 4,800 x 3,480 pixels per eye, these numbers indicate a serious jump in visual fidelity, but it’s still nowhere near to matching human optics.

To bridge that gap, Google researchers have implemented a technique called “foveated rendering.” It processes whatever image the user is looking at in high resolution, and allows objects in a viewer’s peripheral vision to lose focus. One benefit of this technique is that it shrinks the amount of data processing placed on the GPU.

At this stage, consumers will need to wait for Google and LG Display to eliminate issues such as lag, latency, and motion-blur before making their prototype available to everyone.

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