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Google launches a new integration

Google announced that it will integrate Google News service into Google Assistant to permit users essentially ask “what’s the news” and convey it as video or sound.

The new element is expected to work pleasantly on Google’s Home speakers and the Lenovo Smart Display that is fueled by the Google Assistant. The Smart Display is the primary savvy show to hit the market with Google Assistant combination.

Google trusts Smart Displays assist users with getting a video or sound news preparation to get up to speed with breaking news, sports, legislative issues, wellbeing more. Users can pick their most loved news sources from telecasters, for example, CNBC, CNN and so on. All you should state, “Hello Google, what’s the news?” Even on the off chance that you need to go further or take in more about a particular theme, you can ask the Assistant: “What’s the most recent on NASA?” The Google Assistant will discover pertinent recordings from YouTube to play on your Smart Display, and on Google Home, it will read out news articles from a developing rundown of distributors.

This new Google News unification isn’t constrained to simply Home speakers or the Lenovo Smart Display. Every one of these highlights are accessible on Android phones too and will before long be coming to Android Auto and Assistant-empowered earphones including Google Pixel Buds.

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