Google to fact-check news, but, will they really be checked?
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Google to fact-check news, but, will they really be checked?

With the digital world growing as fast as it is, everything and everyone is looking up over internet for all the happenings around the world. Conversely, not everything you are reading on internet is reliable. Sometimes, you may even be reading a sensational or table story, while, thinking of it as true.  Contrariwise, Google has decided to jump in between to commit to the truest standards of news.

As per the latest report by Poynter Institute, Google has stated that it will label fact-checking articles in Google News. Those who are concerned with fact-checking, around the world, have admired the search engine’s step towards making news trustworthy for everyone.

Richard Gingras, Google Head of News, states that;

“Google is excited to see the growth of the Fact Check community and to shine a light on its efforts to divine fact from fiction, wisdom from spin.”

Google to fact-check news, but, will they really be checked?

In simple terms, Google will now verify the websites and mark them as fact-checked for the convenience of the readers. There would be a ClaimReview markup on “sites that follow the commonly accepted criteria for fact checks”. There are only, as few as, 10 domains across the internet which are checked for legit facts.

In my opinion, this is just a hoax from Google to increase its sale and market its legality. There are already big names in the international media which are playing with the authenticity of the news sources; and are termed as fact-checked. What it will actually do is increase the market demand of fact checkers; in turn, swelling Google’s profits. Nonetheless, you can never surmise what actually happens!

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