This new Facebook tool will now help in preventing suicides
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This new Facebook tool will now help in preventing suicides

The most popular social networking platform Facebook has introduced a new tool which will help in preventing the cases of suicides in large numbers around the world. CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a post stated:

“I wrote a letter on building global community a couple weeks ago, and one of the pillars of community I discussed was keeping people safe. These tools are an example of how we can help keep each other safe.”

Zuckerberg expressing his concern and good intentions on the issue, further stated:

“Keeping our community safe is an important part of our mission, and an important part of how we’ll measure our progress going forward. There’s a lot more to do here and I’m looking forward to working with all of you to do it.”

Suicide has become the second major cause of death between 15-29 year old globally. Facebook already has number of features which subliminally help in reporting suicidal behaviour including report concerning posts. However, the mentioned solution never remained effective.

And now, taking an action against this menace, Facebook has integrated the new suicide prevention feature into Facebook Live. These tools have been modeled to make the issue more feasible to be alerted and reported with. As reported through a blog post, here are the changes:

  • Facebook has redesigned its suicide prevention tools. Now people will be able to reach out to someone directly due to integrating Live video. They can report the stream and the person streaming can contact a friend or a helpline.
  • Users will be given the chance to chat directly with someone from organizations like Crisis Text Line, Lifeline, and the National Eating Disorder Association.
  • Facebook is also testing ways to incorporate AI to find patterns in posts that have been reported for suicide and make it easier to identify similar posts — even if a friend hasn’t reported it. The teams will review these posts and reach out to help if it’s appropriate.

Facebook’s new tool will soon roll out, let’s expect that this turn out to be in betterment for this society and community.

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