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Facebook soon to become a part of the trillion club!

Apple Inc and Microsoft Corp are also worth more than $1 trillion on the stock market. And while Inc is currently worth around $935 billion, the e-commerce leader did cross the trillion-dollar threshold briefly in September 2018.

The next closest company is not within $300 billion of the mark, but a handful of companies could contend based on their current values, Reuters reported.

Social media platform Facebook Inc appears to have the pole position. Its $630 billion market value is about $65 billion more than Berkshire Hathaway Inc the next richest company in the S&P 500.

According to Reuters,  a lot can happen between now and $1 trillion, and investors asked to handicap the field revealed different choices among the S&P 500 for which U.S. company will be the fifth member of the elite club. The next to join also may not yet be on anyone’s list.

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