Facebook Opens Hardware Lab
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Facebook Opens Hardware Lab

Facebook has built its fortune on the internet, known as the giant of social media. Facebook is that non-physical space where people share updates and digital videos with friends and family, growing their relationships at a wider perspective. But deep inside its Silicon Valley headquarters, engineers have carried out a new lab with computerized gadget – lathes, industrial mills and tools for making physical goods.

It’s not a factory for mass-production of smartphones or other consumer products, instead, it’s where engineers will be working on some of the high-tech gadgets that will be needed for the company’s plans that have been laid out on a long term ideology, through smart devices, virtual-reality headsets and high-flying drones that deliver internet signals via laser to remote parts of the world.

Facebook’s new research facility determines that in its Silicon Valley, where it leads tech companies which is hardly satisfied to keep on doing the same thing. “When you think about connecting the world, you have to build different types of hardware to help people connect,” said Jay Parikh, Facebook’s head of engineering and infrastructure.

To get practical certainty right, he added, “Facebook needs to refine hardware such as lenses and processors.”


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