Facebook unveils new set of flaws in its data
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Facebook unveils new set of flaws in its data

Facebook is under fire for lots of the data errors and erroneous acts its new updates and software glitches have been doing.

Once again, the management has acknowledged new errors that have surfaced in its portal, and has shared them with the advertisers and publishers.

There are four bugs that have been unveiled; out of which the first and the major one causes the companies to think that users spent a long time on their site reading news articles and that the people are visiting non-paid posts more frequently, when in actual that is all a near to the fake report.

The new report is another addition to the videos and posts viewing glitch as for the first time the company unveiled that it overvalued the average time users had spent watching videos, about two months ago.

But, in order to soothe the users a bit Facebook has declared that none of the cases affected the company’s fees and that neither of the above mentioned case worked in the favour of company.

Apart from this, another flaw that has surfaced just now is that the social media giant has been underreporting the percentage of users who had viewed videos on its stage to their end.

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