Facebook Messenger brings back public chat rooms
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Facebook Messenger brings back public chat rooms

The 90s kids will surely know what public chat rooms are. These chat stations used to be our favourite places to be, when free. But, the introduction of Facebook Messenger and Twitter took that joy away from us.

In order to bring that old tradition back, Facebook will soon be updating its app to announce public chat rooms with the help of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger brings back public chat rooms

Facebook Messenger Rooms will be much similar to the Yahoo Chat Rooms, but with bigger and better features along with safe and sound messaging provision. Those users who are not on Facebook will also be able to join these group.

Moreover, the platform would be secure as more members would be added to the group only upon approval.

As per the reports out of foreign media, Messenger Rooms service has already started rolling in Australia but for Android devices, for now. It would be reaching to Canada in a day or two.


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