Facebook introduces job-hunting features & it is a big threat for LinkedIn
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Facebook introduces job-hunting features & it is a big threat for LinkedIn

Facebook just recently started allowing job-hunting to be made easy in the US and Canada with job seekers get a peek into its new feature which allows them to view the applications of the posts required. Thus, becoming a threat for Microsoft-owned LinkedIn. The latter is famous for providing people with a chance to get an opportunity to see job provisions globally.

Though the feature hasn’t rolled worldwide and it will take some time to hit the globe, the new platform will allow users to help find jobs at various business pages on Facebook by clicking at the ‘Jobs’ bookmark.

The Cupertino giant in its announcement stated:

“Businesses and people already use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we’re rolling out new features that allow job posting and application directly on Facebook.” 

If companies pay the social networking site, job posting will also appear in the news feeds of the users. With the help of clicking on ‘Apply Now’ button, the users will be directed to an online form. According to Facebook, applicants will be able to add, edit and review forms before submitting them for final approval. After this, the business and page owners will be able to go through the applications and find the potential employee of their interest.

Facebook has announced that it will soon be introducing the job-hunting feature in different countries of the world.

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