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EZBuy, a Singapore-based online shopping platform starts operations in Pakistan

EZBuy, a Singapore-based online shopping platform, which currently has offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan has now extended its services to Pakistan. It is regarded as one of the most popular online retailers in Singapore, and twice as big as Daraz in terms of the number of products being offered.

Pakistanis can now order from a catalog of more than 3 million products on EZBuy (formerly 65Daigou), ranging from clothing, electronics, accessories, cell phones and more. Anyone who is familiar with how Aliexpress works can start using EZBuy right away.

People can order products from EZBuy and have it shipped to their doorsteps from around the globe. Your orders are shipped from Singapore, China or any other country where the seller is from.

People living in Pakistan can also set up their shop online and get the buyers from around the globe. You can also buy products in Pakistani Rupees unlike Aliexpress where the amount is shown in rupees but the payment is done in US Dollars.

“It is the company in a nutshell — what we offer is a quick and easy way to shop online.” – Wendy Liu

As CPEC ramps up in Pakistan, EZBuy saw an opportunity to set up shop here. Pakistan will be the fifth market for the online shopping platform. It is targeting to empower and develop local suppliers while offering various products and services to online shoppers in Pakistan.

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