Everything we know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8
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Everything we know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is expected to release its biggest Smartphone sometime early 2017. The smartphone is still months away but has managed to garner interest of the audience, as it is already being said that the presumed “Galaxy S8” will come with the best flagship features so far.

As revealed through reports, Galaxy S8 is coming with a brand new design along with high-tech and more advanced digital assistant. All in all, the rumoured mill has been churning with a lot of good news’ for the upcoming Smartphone; some people are even terming it as the “Samsung Smartphone of the decade”.

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So, in order to satisfy the enticed audiences’ thirst for knowing more about the Smartphone, let’s take a look at what popular rumours and reports have to offer regarding the upcoming alleged Galaxy S8;

Up-to-Date Virtual Assistant:

As per the famous rumours, Samsung’s upcoming smartphone will come equipped with a modern high-tech virtual assistant. The new tech would be powered by startup Viv Labs; acquired by Samsung this year. Reuters has reported that the Galaxy S8 owners would be able to access third-party services just by speaking. The phone can purportedly include a button which would be able to summon the virtual assistant.

Upgraded Camera:

It is expected that the next smartphone by Samsung will come with the best camera phone ever. With auto-focus, the new smartphone’s front camera will be able to capture pictures clearly from wide distance. It can also include a dual-lens rear camera, as revealed by ET News.

Pressure-Sensitive Screen:

According to Investor, the Galaxy S8 is expected to come with a screen that may react, based on the pressure you apply. Similar to 3D Touch, the new feature will make it easy to zoom a picture or create app shortcuts through the pressure being applied.

No headphone jack:

According to a famous report by Sam Mobile, Samsung Galaxy S8 might ditch the headphone jack and come with a USB-C port only. This would make it easy for the smartphone giant to make its phone thinner, without compressing any other part of the metallic body.

Innovative Design:

We had been expecting Samsung to make some mighty changes in its design with Galaxy S7, but it was somewhat S6’s copy. However, you now have the time to rejoice as S8 is expected to ditch the conventional design and go for something bigger and better. As stated by ET News, the smartphone may come with a borderless screen that could take up the entire face of the device, meaning that there would be no home button and the glass screen would incorporate a fingerprint sensor.

Spring Or Winter Launch:

Samsung, usually, unveils its smartphone in February or March during the Mobile World Congress. However, due to the advanced functionalities and high-end features, it is being rumoured that Samsung is confident that it would be able to surpass the upcoming iPhone in popularity; and is also planning to launch it as late as April, revealed the Wall Street Journal.

With a lot in baggage for the upcoming “Galaxy S8”, we can already expect something mighty coming our way. So, if you plan on buying a new smartphone, it might be the perfect time to rethink and wait for this high-tech Samsung Galaxy S8.

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