Emirates find a way to play around the US ban on tablets and laptops
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Emirates find a way to play around the US ban on tablets and laptops

Emirates has finally found a way to trick around the US ban on laptops and tablets. The airliner has introduced a new service, which will now enable the users to accompany their electronic devices to the US despite of the persistent Trump ban.

Those customers who are travelling to the US through Dubai will have a chance to use their electronic devices on-flight to Dubai. Just before boarding the flight, they will have to hand over their tablets, laptops and other equipment to the security staff at the gate.

The devices will precautionary be packed into boxes, loaded into the aircraft hold. They will then be handed over their rightful owners as soon as they reach their destination. The best part about this service is that the passengers won’t be charged a dime.

In case if the passenger is starting their journey from Dubai, they will be encouraged to pack their own electronic devices before check-in at the terminal.

Moreover, there would be a through checking before Emirates customers are embarked to the US from Dubai, therefore to avoid any mishap they should pack their items by themselves before the journey.

Emirates has also deployed an additional staff to assist passengers with the newfound rule, so they may face no hurdle just before the flight.




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