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A cautionary tale for all those who don’t read texts sent by Facebook ‘properly’!

You might have heard a million times, “Think before you speak”, and if we tweak it a bit, it can become; “READ BEFORE YOU PRESS THE SEND BUTTON”. While this may sound gibberish to you, some people have lived their worst nightmares just by ignoring or aggressively replying to the texts sent by Facebook.

We all at some point have send a wrong text to totally wrong person, screenshots to the people who were completely not meant to see them or writing publicly on a profile instead of a personal message. We all have been there, done that! However, after all that dangerous texting, this one will definitely open your eyes and obviously your mouth with laughter too.

CAUTION: Some serious screwed-up case ahead!

A cautionary tale for all those who don't read texts sent by Facebook 'properly'!

Yes, those automated texts from Facebook can extremely be irritating. But after all those years of rapid-fire texting and skim reading, this example is the one which will surely make you laugh and feel pity for the guy at once. So, Facebook sent Mr. John a “helpful reminder” of his friend and he lost it!

And what happened next totally drove his sanity away!

A cautionary tale for all those who don't read texts sent by Facebook 'properly'!

Unfortunately, he really should’ve gone back over that text for another read before pressing send, because inevitably…

And to describe what actually happened, here are his own words:

Read before you reply to Facebook text. I repeat. Read before you reply to Facebook test. Because, apparently, not everybody is as lucky as Mr. John.

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